Own Degrees
The Permanent Training is the set of training actions that have been  developed to improve the skills, qualifications and Christian values ​​of recent graduates such as the requalification of active professionals and that makes compatible the greater competitiveness of companies with the individual training of the professional .

Likewise, the contemporary world and the socio-economic environment have evolved in such a way that the greater competition in the labor market, together with the increasingly specific and dynamic training needs, drives the demand for specialized education.

In this frame, the own titles, by their characteristics of flexibility and autonomy, respond detecting the most important characteristics in each moment.

The Pontifical Catholic University of America, in accordance with the legislation in force, the organization of Lifelong Learning courses, in online mode, leading to the obtaining of degrees, which are called “Own Titles”. These degrees are divided into three categories: Own Postgraduate Degrees, Own Undergraduate Degrees and Update Courses.

To access these studies it is necessary to be in possession of an official university degree, although in some cases it can be accessed through accredited professional experience.
Depending on their teaching load they are divided into:
Doctorate Own University
University Master’s Degree
Specialization Diploma
University Expert Course

They are aimed at students, graduates, professionals and, in general, a person who requires this training for their professional development. These studies do not require to be in possession of a university degree.
University Extension Courses

They allow the academic leveling of the studies of Diploma, Master and Technical Engineer to the corresponding Degree studies.