Student Makes Awkward Attempt to Apologize for Hilarious Email Mistake Sent to Professor

We’ve all been there, literally grasping at the computer screen after sending an email that shouldn’t have been sent out, as if we could physically pull it back into our drafts folder.

Sometimes, it’s to that person we’ve been thinking about after listening to too much Drake (always a big mistake) and we send them that message that was definitely better left unsaid and unread.

Other times, it’s that super unprofessional, not-thoroughly-proofread-assignment to a college professor who holds the outcome of your academic career in the palms of their hands.

Unfortunately for Zoey Oxley, it was the latter and she accidentally submitted a paper through Turnitin with a very inappropriate filler name for her professor whose last name she couldn’t remember.

The thing about using fillers and placeholders is that you have to be conscientious enough to actually go back and change them when you’re done doing the other work. Zoey wasn’t.

Thankfully for us, she screenshot and uploaded the “series of unfortunate events” to her Twitter account so the rest of the internet could relish in her personal embarrassment and misfortune.

It all starts off innocuously enough – if you’ve ever used Blackboard or submitted work for a college course online before, then you’ll realize that nothing is out of the ordinary here.

That is, however, until Zoey clicks on the assignment, that’s when we realize the work she just uploaded via Turnitin actually includes a grave error.

Now either Zoey is going to a very, very interesting school with a colorful staff, or she just made one of the biggest rookie student mistakes ever: not proofreading her work before submitting it.

Because she passed the deadline for submitting her assignment, she couldn’t upload another draft, which meant that she had to go the old-fashioned email apology route and explain, awkwardly, how she messed up so badly.

Notice how in the email she didn’t mention precisely what the error was and that her default “placeholder” name is “whats his nuts”. It was obviously the pro move on Zoey’s part, I mean why would you call attention to that unnecessarily?

If you’re wondering how her professor, whose last name is Hendel by the way, responded, well, just take a look at this tweet he sent out commenting on the entire incident.

Thankfully for Zoey, Professor Whats his Nuts seems to be taking the whole thing in stride. He even changed his Twitter profile name to the filler moniker she came up with for him.

The story’s receiving tons of attention as well, with Hendel’s tweet about the whole thing racking up over 52k retweets and 344k likes. Not bad for a Blackboard error.

If Zoey’s still feeling embarrassed though, she can console herself with the fact that she’s not the first (and certainly not the last) student who mistakenly emailed her professor something stupid.

Like this one student who thought it’d be a good idea to email her professor after getting her wisdom teeth removed and being goofed up on the painkillers she was prescribed to deal with the nasty oral-ouchey after-effects.

Her professor, thankfully, took it easy on her and responded in a pretty cool manner, and correctly assumed that the email was sent post-ingestion of said wisdom teeth medication.

Then there was Alex Bennett who, instead of submitting his homework, accidentally turned in a photo this cat making what is quite possibly the weirdest face in all of cat history.

Even though our friend was understandably freaking out after accidentally submitting the photo of that grimacing cat instead of his homework, it ultimately ended up working in his favor.

Turns out that Alex’s little meme-pic made his professor’s day and not only did he get to turn in his assignment, but he got a perfect score on it and his teacher is now looking for a cat that makes weird faces like that for her own home. She has to settle for keeping it as her wallpaper right now, though.

Have you ever had an embarrassing moment with a college professor? One time I carefully walked into their office during “open hours” when their door was slightly ajar. They were taking what looked like a fat hit from a bong and I quickly walked out of there, so I kind of know what these students went through.


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