Recognition of the newspaper “El Peruano” for PCUA

Recognition of the newspaper “El Peruano” is the official newspaper of the Republic of Peru, through the report of Pamela Portillo on the work that comes in the Pontifical Catholic University of America with a series of important Peruvian institutions spreading the Quechua language and its wonderful culture in Peru and in the World (page 6 Teachers with a Quechua heart) Diario El Peruano 09/28/2018.

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  1. Roman Catholicism has been the predominant faith in Peru for centuries, albeit with a high degree of syncretism with indigenous traditions. As of the 2017 census, 76% of the population over 12 years old described themselves as Catholic, 14.1% as Evangelical , 4.8% as Protestant , Jewish , Mormon , and Jehovah’s Witness , and 5.1% as nonreligious.

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