COVID Poetry Collection

Dear Sir, This is to inform you that we are organizing a New event. As under

Respected Author / teacher / researcher and all students
Everyone is gladly informed that the Pontifical Catholic University of America- PCUA
COVID Poetry Collection
The book titled with ISBN no. is going to be published Therefore, you are requested to write your compositions related to the subject of Corona in any language by June 30, 2020. Send the file in Unicode font, Kurti Dev font, for English Calibri Font or Arial Font. Compositions will not be accepted in any other font. Please send your poem under mentioned email id.
Email ID –

If you are sending your compositions to this poetry collection then fill the confirmation form with the following URL

You are requested to connect with our Telegram Group from time to time for the latest information.

Each Author will be provided with a certificate for this unusual work of spreading awareness in the society by the University during the time of pandemic. Also, the highest creation will also be rewarded.
Under your creation, your full name, full postal address, email ID Do mention the WhatsApp number.
Number of entries are limited. More than 150 compositions will not be accepted under any circumstances. Registration will be done on first come first served basis.
Only 04 compositions of any creator will be accepted. More than 04 compositions will not be considered in any way.
The decision to choose the Great creation will be decided by the Board of Judgments, which will be acceptable. Appeal of any kind of debate will not be accepted under any circumstances.
Pontifical Catholic University of America-PCUA

Opportunity to receive International level certificate in the lockdown of COVID19.

Dear Sir/ Mam/ Students,

Opportunity to receive International level certificate in the lockdown of COVID19.

In the Pandemic of COVID19, Internal Quality Assurance Cell, Arts, Commerce and Science College, Bodwad, Dist: Jalgaon, Maharashtra, India, PIN: 425310 & Pontifical Catholic University of America-PCUA, 5040 NW 7th S T Miami, Florida 33126, jointly organized COVID-19 Awareness Quiz. We expect your appreciation through your active participation. The Participants will receive e-Certificate after successful submission of their response.

Stay Home Stay Safe


Dr. R. Otwal
Pontifical Catholic University of America-PCUA, Florida

Dr. Anil Ramdas Bari
(IQAC Coordinator)
Professor Arvind Chaudhari

Arts, Commerce and Science College, Bodwad, Maharashtra India

Participate in the Quiz by clicking on following link

COVID-19 Pandemic Diseases Awareness Quiz

Dear Sir / Madam
We have created an awareness quiz regarding the COVID-19-Corona virus pandemic and we organize an online awareness quiz program supporting the government effort to fight this pandemic,
The Divine Faith Fellowship Society and the Pontifical Catholic University of America are conducting an online awareness quiz program for awareness from COVID-19.
The person who will get 80% marks in this competition will be given an online e-certificate of the quiz competition.
Encourage your students, friends and relatives to participate and create awareness among all.

Thank You,

Divine Faith Fellowship Society
Pontifical Catholic University of America

To participate, click on the link given below.

Like, want and Love

In this article, we present the LOVE paradigm, the Dasbien Theory proposed by Dr. Andy Figueroa (2010)

Inclination: A tendency to a particular aspect, state, character, or action. This means; that if we are under the sun, we sweat; if we drink alcohol, we become dehydrated, get drunk and so on; if a lot of light appears in front of our eyes, we close them; if it’s very cold and we are not dressed properly, we shiver; among other cases.

Like: A person’s tendency to like or be interested in something. This means; that if a person is in front of a glass with water, another glass with fruit juice, another glass with soda and another glass with an alcoholic beverage (wine or beer); each of these 4 elements will cause different conditions and the person will have different inclinations to these 4 elements; that is to say, you will like more one or more of the 4 liquids. Product of your biological condition, psychological experience, idiosyncrasy, cultural context, etc.

Want: To wish for a particular thing or plan of action. Wanting is like asking. That means, if a child says: “Dad, I want a loaf,” it’s like he is asking for a loaf, because he expects his dad to give him a loaf; similarly, when a father tells his son: “Son, I want you to have passing grades” is as if he were asking for passing grades, because the father expects to receive passing grades from his son; or like when a girl tells her partner “I want a kiss” is like asking for a kiss, because the girl waits or wants to receive a kiss.

To love: Well, this proposal says: “to love is to give something good …” (good according to the person subject of love).

With the knowledge of like, want and love, now you can choose to act with judgment and awareness in a healthier, more profitable and happy way in your life. As you may have noticed, like, want and love are complementary, different and necessary; to only do or use can trigger a pathology, it is convenient to find a balance between giving and receiving, between choosing what we like and what we don’t; and always seek good, to us and others.

SOURCE: LO BUENO (Figueroa, 2018)

Recognition of the newspaper “El Peruano” for PCUA

Recognition of the newspaper “El Peruano” is the official newspaper of the Republic of Peru, through the report of Pamela Portillo on the work that comes in the Pontifical Catholic University of America with a series of important Peruvian institutions spreading the Quechua language and its wonderful culture in Peru and in the World (page 6 Teachers with a Quechua heart) Diario El Peruano 09/28/2018.
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